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You realize that you can not change your future without a dream. But you also heard so many stories about people who are deterred from pursuing their dreams in the U.S. because of prolonged or unsuccessful immigration process. is built to change that! You can see it in how we

Update our legal knowledge

Immigration and Nationality Law is among the most complex and ever-changing fields of law. There is a continuous flow of federal court and administrative decisions and constantly promulgated regulations that impact the immigration process. Thus, the practice of immigration and nationality law is not just about filling out forms for clients. It requires applying updated legal knowledge to do extensive case analysis, and then develop long-term strategic immigration plans for the clients.

Our law office is using LexisNexis, the most powerful on-line legal research tool, to help us keep abreast of the latest developments in immigration and nationality law. We are also networking with other immigration attorneys through AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) to share expertise, information and resources. So our clients will benefit to the full extent that the current immigration and nationality law can offer.

Use technology

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are using the latest technology in providing professional services to our corporate and individual clients.

Case management is the key to our professional and fast services. Our Case Management System is powered by BlueDot, the most advanced immigration software solution. With all of the files and clients’ information on-line, we can more efficiently work on your case and communicate with our clients. Particularly, our corporate clients may view their employee profiles, the case information, and create customized reports that can be exported to Excel. Each individual client can also view their profiles, their case information and attached documents any time, and from any location.

By taking advantage of BlueDot in our professional services, we can provide you with the most effective representation possible.

Run our services

The administration and management in a law office should not become a factor affecting the performance of the attorneys and the result of your case. But, most of time, they do.

Regus Centre is the world’s largest provider of outsourced workspace. It provides a complete solution to our administration and management needs. We can access to professional administrative staff any time who can do all kinds of business support services to maximize our productivity.

By using the services of Regus Centre to look after our day-to-day office details, we can focus on and devote all of our time to your case.  So you and your family can expect that your immigration case will be treated as the first priority thing in our office.

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